Recruitment School

Recruitment School is a proud initiative of VipanyGroup. Vipany is one of the top recruitment and staffing company in India catering various staffing services to more than 200+ clients across India.

Recruitment School is on a mission to train every aspiring individual who wants to excel their career in Recruitment.

Though recruitment looks simple and easy to many people, there is lot to learn about the hidden techniques that are essential in today’s competitive recruitment industry.

Recruitment School is run by Mr.Prashanth Gundla, one of the most trusted and popular name in the recruitment industry in India. Prashanth has anĀ  experience of more than 19 years in the recruitment industry, who knows in and out of recruitment and modern hiring techniques. He is on a mission to transfer his industry knowledge to every aspiring and experienced recruiter.

Recruitment is an Art that can be embraced by anyone who can talk

Prashanth Gundla - Chief Trainer
Mission Statement

We want every aspiring and experienced recruiter to have access to the right learning platform that offers flexible, comprehensive and simple learning solutions


Recruitment School believes in transparent and simple learning solutions that are useful to every individual who want to excel their career in Recruitment Industy