What do recruiters first notice in resumes while screening?

What do recruiters first notice in resumes while screening?

As per the statistics, on average, a recruiter spends 5 – 7 seconds to look into a resume and firm up their mind if they want to shortlist or reject the application during the candidate sourcing process.

Not just the candidates, but it’s a mystery for the employer too as to what criteria they observe in those 7 seconds to screen out the top resumes. Some suggest it’s the educational qualification, while some believe it is the experience. Well, it can vary from recruiter to recruiter but with few attributes in common.

To answer one of the biggest queries of the initial stage of the hiring process i.e. candidate sourcing, we asked the same question to our talent acquisition specialists and here is what they seek for in any profile –

Relevant Technical Skills is a Must

For approx 90% of recruiters, relevant skills are the first thing to look at while sourcing for any requirement. The technical skills mentioned in any profile is a must to observe carefully. Also,  the roles and responsibilities are one of the major things to be considered before forwarding the profile and helps to know better about the candidate’s suitability with the client’s requirement.

Educational Qualification & Academics Scores Matter 

Most of the recruiters first check the educational qualification in any resume to find out whether they will be suitable or not. Veena with her personal experience told that the academics score matters as the client will be conducting aptitude test, hence she analyses their abilities whether the candidate has better grades in his/her academic career to clear the aptitude test organized by the client.


It can also be termed as the average tenure the candidate’s experience throughout their employment career. Stability was one of the highest weighted criteria that most of the recruiters go with. So if a candidate has switched multiple jobs in a year contributes to the stability factor. The candidate’s nature of changing jobs frequently can be a problem for both the employer and the recruiter. 

Domain Expertise

For instance, while hiring for any product based companies, recruiters look for candidates who have similar experience in the past and vice versa with service-based companies. In simple words, the candidate’s experience with a common domain gives has upper-hand to be chosen by the recruiter along with their total work experience.

Authenticity of Candidate

It is also necessary to go through the company’s profile which has been mentioned in the resume as it is observed that sometimes a candidate falsify about the company’s business in order to get a job. For instance, candidates change the domain of the company to match the relevancy. 

Compensation & Remuneration

No, we are not talking about current and expected CTC. According to Swathi’s personal experience, if a candidate is earning more than the average industry norms with experience tenure in comparison to other candidates then there can be some exceptional criteria behind candidate’s performance from others.

Not Just Total Experience But Relevant Experience

When recruiters find a candidate having 10 years of experience but not even 1 year of relevant experience that the client requires. No recruiter would like to shortlist the application. When they find a candidate with 3 years of relevant experience in technical skills that they were seeking, then the talent experts will proceed to shortlist them.

Projects & Summary

For a couple of recruiters, the previous and recent projects also make an impact on how they see the candidate. Arun from his experience believes that the real-time hands-on working experience on projects makes the candidate more suitable to fulfill the client’s requirements. Also, the job summary gives an insight into the candidate’s past work routine which is a deciding factor in order to shortlist them.

Candidates need to understand the employer’s point of view before applying for a job. This is what our talent acquisition specialists had to share. You can benefit from their views and techniques for candidate sourcing and ensure that your resume is created to fit the job requirement. By keeping all these points in mind, our team helps to hire the perfect candidate as per the requirements of our clients. We have made this a practice to build the best workforce in the industry.

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